Apply to join the Finnish Student Sports Federation’s Finance Committee 2020‒2021

At its General Assembly on 21 November 2019, the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) decided to establish a Finance Committee in 2020. The purpose of the Committee is to help the Board and Secretary General to oversee the finances of the Federation. The Committee can also put forward motions relating to the Federation’s administration and finances. The Committee consists of a maximum of 8 persons.

The Committee will meet at least four times a year for the quarterly review (January, April, July/August, October), and more often if needed. The first meeting will take place on week 15 (between 6‒8 April 2020).

The Finance Committee will be made up of representatives of OLL’s member organisations. OLL’s Secretary General will act as secretary for the Finance Committee. Ideally, the members of the Finance Committee should have experience and knowledge of finance and participation in organisations. The Committee will be elected for two years at a time. The Committee members who are elected now will remain in their posts until the end of 2021.

OLL asks its member organisations to propose members for the Finance Committee by 12 March 2020 by email to:

For more information about the application process and the tasks of the Finance Committee, please contact:
Ida Bolander, Secretary General (tel. +358 44 780 0210,