Available grants for the development of student sports!


Do you have excellent ideas on how to develop student sports, but lack the funds? The Ministry of Education and Culture in particular is handing out grants to higher education institutions and the communities within them for various projects that advance exercise and sports. The application periods for grants in 2020 are getting closer, so now is the time to get the planning going for real!  


You will find more information about grants that can be applied for in autumn by following the links below:


The Ministry of Education and Culture’s national development grants for promoting an active lifestyle 2020 (in Finnish)

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s special grant for sports development projects (continuous admission) (in Finnish)

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s support for sport clubs (in Finnish)

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s grant for major exercise and sport events (in Finnish)

Proposals for the sport facility financial programme 2020-2023 (in Finnish)


Other grants for sports that you should keep in mind:


Government grant for the building of sport facilities (in Finnish)

Erasmus + Sport (in Finnish)

Grants for sports offered by municipalities and regional sports organisations.


In most municipalities, you can apply for a grant at the beginning of the year. Check the application periods for your municipality and/or regional sports organisation.


More information:

Special Advisor for University Sport Anni Liina Ikonen, anniliina.ikonen@oll.fi, tel. +35844 780 219