Case about sexual violence was real, not Tampere´s vendetta towards Coimbra

OLL wants to correct the news Câmara dá a entender que finlandeses inventaram tentativa de violação para se vingarem de Coimbra! that was published in Noticias de Coimbra 30th July.

The story claims that the case about sexual violence in EUSA Games hold in Coimbra was fake news and Tampere´s vendetta. Tampere was the counter-candidate for Coimbra when EUSA selected the host city.

”I have worked for just a short time in Finnish Student Sports Federation, and honestly I did not even know that Tampere was also candidate for EUSA Games 2018” says OLL´s Secretary General Elina Havu, who has been the spokesperson in the case of sexual violence.

”Tampere has not contacted us the whole time and we have not informed them about the case”, Havu continues.

Tampere was hosting the IAAF World U20 Championships in July 2018. OLL is sure, that they probably did not even have time to think vendetta towards Coimbra in the middle of the arrangement of they own games.

OLL is specially shocked about the story because it suggest Finns would use violence against women as a weapon in power struggle. This is not true because the only motivation for the Federation has been to protect Finnish athletes and to get the right punishment for those who committed sexual violence.


For further information, please contact

Mrs. Elina Havu, Secretary General & Gender Equality Specialist
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