The European Universities Championships and the EUSA Games are coordinated by the European University Sport Association, EUSA, a student sports organisation represented in Finland by the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL. The championship teams represent, above all, their institutions and the primary representation right in a sport is granted to the winner of the Finnish Student Championships in that particular sport.

The European University Championships occur every second year and consist of multiple tournaments around Europe. The EUSA Games, a multi-sport event for a great number of championship sports, are arranged every second year. The performance levels of the European championships vary somewhat between sports and years, but due to the high status of student sports in European universities, many of the European countries send teams that are composed entirely of main league players in that particular sport.

EUC Representation Rights

Each country is allowed to send a single team per sport to the European Universities Championships and the EUSA Games. The teams are usually the national champions in the sport in question. The Finnish representation right is granted by the Finnish Student Sports Federation. The representative choices are based on the contenders’ success in the Finnish Student Championships. If your sport is not included in the SFM, but you wish to compete in the EUC or the EUSA Games, just apply for a right to represent by leaving an open application. Anyone is free to leave an open application. Address the application to the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL. OLL then chooses the representatives based on all open applications.

The championships are meant for teams at higher education institutions and sports academies. All team members must be higher education students. The team members are, however, not required to attend the same higher education institution, which means that the team can be assembled from different institutions in the same district.

Contender Sponsoring

Athletes participating in the European Universities Championships and the EUSA Games can apply for discretionary sponsorship to cover the travel and participation expenses.  We suggest that you apply for a travelling sponsorship from your own institution, your student organisation and/or local businesses.