The SELL Games, the largest student sports event in 2020, takes place in Lahti in May

Lahti university of applied sciences is organising the student sports event SELL Student Games
in Lahti 15‒17.5.2020. Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania take turns organising the SELL
Student Games. The games are aimed at all students in higher education all over the world, and
participants arrive from far and wide, including China. All students can take part in the games,
regardless of performance level. Registrations will open in January at:

1200 participants
17 sports
3 days

Judo and wrestling
Weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebells
Basketball, volleyball, floorball and football 7×7
Table tennis
Disc golf
Demonstration events: Finnish baseball, Hängii
Sports, enjoyment, experience and togetherness!
Lahti2020 – Light the Fire!