Higher Education on the Move programme launching – join us!

The Schools on the Move programme, which has been very popular at lower school
levels, is finally expanding properly into higher education. The Finnish Student Sports
Federation (OLL) is about to launch a three-year Higher Education on the Move
2020‒2022 programme in cooperation with the universities and universities of
applied sciences.

The focus of the programme is to increase everyday physical activity at higher
education institutions, in addition to the traditional sports services. The aim is to
improve the environment at higher education institutions (HEI) so that it is easier –or
even automatic – for both students and faculty to make more physically active choices
in their everyday lives. Another aim is to cut down on the huge amount of sitting that
students do.

In order to reach these goals, OLL invites higher education institutions and student
unions to join us in developing, testing and establishing new solutions together. If your
higher education community or organisation is interested, please get in touch with
OLL’s office!

The programme’s main partner is LIKES’ Studies on the Move programme. The
department for sports and physical activity within the Ministry of Education and
Culture is supporting the creation of the Higher Education on the Move programme
through grants.

By offering safe bicycle parking and accessible shower facilities higher education institutions can increase students’ daily physical activity.

For more information:
Anni Liina Ikonen, Special Advisor for University Sport (anniliina.ikonen@oll.fi, +358
44,780 0219)
Jussi Ansala, Special Advisor for University Sport (jussi.ansala@oll.fi, +358 44 780