Climate change, overconsumption of natural resources, loss of biodiversity and littering in nature are the greatest disasters of our time and the future. There must be no areas of society that are exempt from controlling climate change and protecting the environment. That is why the operations of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) must also be examined and modified.

We calculated the Finnish Student Sports Federation’s carbon footprint in 2018 for our Environmental Responsibility Programme. The calculations began in the autumn of 2019. In 2018, our carbon footprint was 55,151 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). The first goal of the programme is for 2021, when we aim to have halved our carbon footprint. We will get the first results in 2022, once we have calculated the carbon footprint for 2021. We aim to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Our Environmental Responsibility Programme applies to all our operations. The programme is divided into three sections: Events, The OLL office and International student sports organisations and networks. In the programme, we also explain what we mean by environmentally friendly and responsible food. At the end of the programme, we have included examples to help with calls for tenders.

These are some examples of the changes included in the programme:

At sporting events, we aim to improve recycling and increase the number of environmentally friendly choices by educating organisers and imposing certain demands on them. We do the same with the international sector, but in this context we collaborate with the unions. At our training events, we aim to make choices that reduce our carbon footprint. These choices are particularly focused on greener travel, food with a small carbon footprint and an increased use of remote participation.

In terms of the OLL office, the most significant changes relate to our purchases. We will always carefully examine the need to purchase new things. In tenders, an environmentally friendly approach is an advantage. For the energy solutions at the office, we will encourage switching both the electricity and the heating to renewable energy.

We aim to act according to the following principles:
– Save money and the environment
– Make sustainable choices
– Educate, encourage and inspire
– Take advice and ideas on board.


You can read our full Environmental Responsibility Programme here.

Environmental Responsibility Programme