Our operational environment – Sports in higher education in Finland

It’s fair to say that OLL is a student, youth and sports as well as a civic organisation. Our cooperation extends into the corporate world and we also engage in cross-border projects. The Federation operates in a diverse environment with a number of various representatives and activities.

Student and youth activity

OLL engages in extensive cooperation with the Finnish higher education student organisations, the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK and the Union of University Students in Finland (SYL). OLL is also a member of the non-aligned lobbyist Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi, and we cooperate with political student and youth organisations as well as the student and youth units of Finnish labour market organisations.

OLL in the World of Sports

OLL is a member of the Finnish Sports Federation (FSF) and cooperates with the FSF and its numerous member organisations. The Finnish Olympic Committee, the national sports federations and other student and school organisations are some of our foremost associates. As a member of the Finnish Society of Sports Sciences (LTS) we also actively promote the practical application of research in the field of sports.


Our closest partner is the Finnish Student Health Service, FSHS. The Federation’s Special Advisors for University Sports is a part of the national working group for student health. Our central themes within the healthcare sector are promotion of a healthy lifestyle and preventive work. We also collaborate with Nyyti, a support centre for promoting and supporting the mental wellbeing of students.

Developing Finnish higher education

We engage in development of the education system mainly through our partner organisations SAMOK and SYL. OLL emphasises the great importance of exercise and welfare advocacy in higher education institutions. We keep close relations with the institutions’ heads, the Finnish Council of University Rectors (UNIFI), the Rectors Conference of Finnish UAS’s (ARENE) and the Department for Higher Education and Science Policy at the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

OLL & Society

Other important partners in discussion include the Finnish Ministries, especially the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish Parliament, the municipalities and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. We function as an intermediary between citizens and the society and strive to promote sports and health among the citizens in the best interest of both students and the society.

OLL Corporate Partners

We collaborate with socially conscious partners – organisations wishing to promote the importance of exercise as a part of the lives of young adults during student and working life. One of them, for instance, is the Finnish lottery company Veikkaus.


OLL also engages in international activity. Our work is mainly channelled via the international student sports federations EUSA and FISU. We cooperate in the Baltic and Nordic Countries, in Europe and all over the world. Read moreabout the international student sports federations.