The Finnish Student Sports Federation functions in international student sports through its parent organisations EUSA (European University Sports Association) and FISU (International University Sports Federation). We maintain our internationality by taking part of the activities, seminars and events of the international student sports federations and by informing Finnish students about local and foreign international events. We pursue our goals through extensive cooperation within the Nordic-Baltic network for student sports, a network that incorporates the national student sports federations from the Baltic and Nordic countries. Our international delegates further reinforce OLL’s position in the international community of sports organisations.

OLL as Finland’s Spokesperson – Representing Finnish Values

OLL and Finland are distinguished forerunners in issues pertaining to, for instance, realising equality between generations and genders. OLL’s work in international contexts does in fact promote these and other values stated in our sports policy. Our other values include promoting health enhancing physical activity; sports-for-all mentality, which stands for equally promoting the rights of athletes on all performance levels; clean sports and; opposing racism and violence. As the Finnish representative in the international community of sports, we wish to promote equal sporting and exercise opportunities for all students.

Promoting the status of student sports and exercise in higher education institutions

OLL’s presence in the international community of student sports gives us valuable information about the status of student sports in other countries and offers a means to import new ideas and best practices. Furthermore, the international community offers great networking opportunities and enables close relations with representatives from other countries, thereby strengthening Finland’s international position and giving us a chance to enrich Finnish higher education sports with foreign innovations.

Sport is often regarded an invaluable asset in increasing internationality and promoting a tolerant world view among domestic students.

EUSA – the European University Sports Association

The European University Sports Association was founded in 1999 to promote cooperation between European student sports federations, both inside Europe and in international matters relating to FISU. EUSA’s assignments include promoting student sports and sports culture, especially in the European region.

EUSA activities include, for instance, governing the various sports of the European Universities Championships (EUC). The EUC are sports competitions in which countries are represented not by their national teams, but each country’s best ranking university team. Every second year the European championships are held in form of a multi-sport event, the EUSA Games, while every other year is reserved for student championship tournaments in separate events.

All interested volunteers may now participate in the arrangements of the EUC events. EUSA has launched a volunteer program through which all interested students may participate in organising the student championship tournaments. In addition to the contest activities, EUSA also arranges the EUSA Symposium every second year. The meeting gathers together various active parties in student sports all through Europe.

FISU – International University Sports Federation

The International Student Sports Federation, FISU, is a 1949 founded worldwide organisation with the purpose of bringing together students all around the world. The organisation’s headquarters are located in Lausanne, Switzerland. FISU promotes student sports and the student sports culture all over the world.

Each odd year FISU organises the winter and summer Universiades, the universities’ equivalent to the Olympic Games. Even years are reserved for World University Championships in different sports and a various amount of seminars and conferences, including the biennial FISU Forum.

Our representatives in the FISU organs:

– Hilkka Laitinen, Assessor (hilkka.laitinen(a)

– Jarmo Jalarvo, World University Championships International Technical Comittee; Ice Hockey

– Tapani Ilkka, Summer Universiade International Technical Committee; Athletics

– Tapio Kallio, Vice Chair, International Medical Committee; Coordinator, Summer Universiades

– Marie Lundmark, International Technical Committee for the Winter Universiade; Figure Skating

– Roope Noronen, World University Championships International Technical Comittee; American Football

– Taneli Tiilikainen, World University Championships International Technical Comittee; Floorball

Finnish honorary members of FISU

– Risto Nieminen

– Erkki Tervo