Autumnal Vaasa offered a “movingly fun” sector meeting

This spring, our members voted where the sector meeting in autumn should be held. By a narrow margin of one vote, the winner was Vaasa. Democracy proved to be successful once again, as we got to enjoy the beautiful autumn colours and the sea breeze at the University of Vaasa campus.

The two day programme was divided into two parts: training sessions on project funding and progressing, and preparing for the coming General Assembly. As is tradition, we of course exercised between seminars. A new form of exercise, sensory walk, was suggested by our
Secretary General. Autumn gave it its very own spin.

On Tuesday, we had a seminar our members had wished for: Anni Liina Ikonen and Jussi Ansala, OLL:s experts on lobbying, presented new possibilities and ways to secure project funding. The second seminar of the day was held by OLL President Joonas Suikula together
with Noora Rautio, sports coordinator from The Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology (LTKY). They told us how the cooperation with the housing foundation LOAS and the city of Lappeenranta successfully led to an outdoor sports facility being built at the
Lappeenranta campus area of LUT university and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. Joonas and Noora explained how the things that had been learned could be useful in future projects. Part of the training was sports coordinators mapping out their own projects in groups
and playing out their plans before the “Director of Sports Affairs”. We got to see increasingly confident and fun presentations.

Wednesday was dedicated to preparing for the General Assembly. On top of going through materials, we encouraged people to run for OLL board in 2020.

The sector meeting always offers more than just education. This was evident from the feedback we got: “It was nice meeting sports friends and exchanging ideas”; “Movingly fun”. Next time, sports friends will be meeting in November at the General Assembly in Jyväskylä.

Sports coordinators of student union boards posed with OLL actors in autumnal Vaasa.