OLL: The Government Programme provides a good basis for the expansion of the Schools/Students on the Move programme

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) is pleased to see sports and exercise included in the new Government Programme. OLL thinks that the Government Programme also does well in preparing to systematically extend the Schools/Students on the Move programme and to implement it in all Finnish higher education institutions.

“The new Government Programme states that the Schools on the Move programme will be extended to different life stages. The Schools on the Move idea and model have been a successful concept, so it is great but also justified to systematically expand the concept to include, for example, early childhood education and higher education,” states OLL’s President Joonas Suikula.

The Finnish Student Sports Federation emphasises that the implementation of the Government Programme, including sports and exercise issues, should be started as soon as possible.

“Even the best Government Programme entries related to sports and exercise are not enough. After a short, well-deserved breather it is time to quickly start implementing the Government Programme. At the Finnish Student Sports Federation, we are also prepared to do our bit to support the systematic implementation of the Schools/Students on the Move Programme in all Finnish higher education institutions,” President Suikula concludes.



Joonas Suikula                Ida Bolander
President                          Secretary General

More information:
Joonas Suikula, President, joonas.suikula(a)oll.fi, +358 44 780 0214
Jussi Ansala, Senior Special Advisor for University Sport, jussi.ansala(a)oll.fi, +358 44 780 0214

Read whole Government Programme here: https://julkaisut.valtioneuvosto.fi/handle/10024/161664