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The Finnish Student Championships’ (FSC) new website osmkisat.fi has been opened to enable students to sign up directly for the tournaments and to see who has already signed up. By developing the website and the concept we are also able to promote student sports to other interest groups in a stronger and clearer way. The aim of these reforms is to increase attendance at and awareness of the Championships.

During this service design project, which was carried out by the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL, the concept for the FSC event was made more customer focused. The Championships also got a consistent registration system, as well as a new website and visual identity.

“This digital system has enabled the FSC to take a huge leap forward. It is now easier to sign up for the tournaments, and the students can find all sports in one place. The system has been developed based on feedback from event organisers, participants and individual students, and the work is still ongoing,” explains an excited Vice-President Juho Paavola, the man in charge of events.

The launch of osmkisat.fi will also see the first ever Let’s Bowl; a new low-threshold bowling competition. This competition is carried out with teams of three to five people. The teams go bowling at their local bowling alley, fill out the results form and hand it in at the bowling alley, from where it is then sent to the Finnish Bowling Federation. In December the top three teams receive a prize.

“We want to increase the number of low-threshold opportunities to participate and increase awareness about the FSC concept amongst university students. Anyone can take part in the FSC, regardless of performance level. We will focus even more on making the Championships more responsible, improve the experience for the participants and find more sustainable solutions for production,” states education and events coordinator Jenny Söderman, who is in charge of the service design.

Contact details:

Vice-president Juho Paavola
+358 44 7800 215

Coordinator, education and events Jenny Söderman
+358 44 7800 217


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The aim of having national championships for students is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle amongst students and to improve their wellbeing by offering low-threshold sports within the student community, the joy of movement and a good atmosphere. Event organisers, who are often students themselves, gain valuable experience in project management and a beneficial hobby related to sports and exercise.

The website was produced by Jani Hyytiäinen at Oncode and the visual identity was created by Teemu Perhiö.