The IDUS day is nearly here again, remember to notify us of your event

The day for the worldwide celebration of student sports is here again soon! The international university sports federation FISU coordinates the International Day of University Sports (IDUS). This event, focusing solely on student sports, is also supported by Unesco. 20 September is already the fourth time that IDUS is being organised. Any higher education community or individual student can participate in IDUS by organising a student sports event of their own. The event can either be a small-scale one, a larger happening or even just going for a run together with other students. The joy of student sports is what is important, not the size of the event.

IDUS events are coordinated in Finland by the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL). Hurry up and start planning your own student sports event if you have not already! Do the following in order to get visibility for your event:

– Notify us of your IDUS event (what, where, when, organised by whom, link to the event) at Act quickly, the deadline is on 4 September. Events of which we have been notified will be published in our official IDUS announcement. You can also notify us later of an event related to the IDUS day. In that case, we will try to advertise your event in our social media channels. 

– create your event on Facebook and share it with FISU: 

– use the official hashtag #LetsIDUS while communicating about your event


Additional information about the event: