Would you be right for OLL?

Autumn is here, the General Assembly is getting closer, and we at the OLL office are already starting to eagerly await next year’s contributors. Would you be the right person to be the next advocate for student sports and well-being? Would you like to improve the future of students, meet new people, and change the world? You don’t need to be a super athlete, a burning desire to make a difference is more important!

We offer a rewarding, educational and very fun year with amazing colleagues in the vibrant Helsinki, either as President or Vice President. Don’t hesitate, contact us to hear more. We will happily answer all kinds of questions regarding job openings at OLL:


Joonas Suikula, President, tel. +358 44 780 0211, joonas.suikula@oll.fi

Tiina Anttonen, Vice President, tel. +358 44 780 0216, tiina.anttonen@oll.fi

Harri Nurmi, Vice President, tel. +358 44 780 0215, harri.nurmi@oll.fi


Image taken by Valtteri Törmänen