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SELL Student Games 2018

18.05 - 20.05.2018 - Koko päivä


The Council of SELL Games: The representatives of the NUSFs of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (max. 2 per country). The Council is responsible of updating the regulations of the SELL Games. The Council has its meeting during the SELL Games and more often if needed.

SELL Countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


Estonian Academic Sports Federation


XXXIV SELL 2018 Tartu Student Games will be held 18-20 May 2018 in Tartu, Estonia.


Competitions will be organized in the following sports: Athletics, Swimming, Judo, Orienteering, Powerlifting, Chess, Table tennis, Badminton, Floorball, Basketball, Volleyball, Mini-Football and Wrestling.


XXXIV SELL 2018 Tartu Student Games shall be open for participation for university students with a valid student ID or other document that can prove his/her student status. Students who graduated in 2017 can also participate. All participants shall represent their own university. There is no age limit for the participants. In case of team sports, the players of a team must be from the same university.


The competition systems, draws and start lists will be published after registration.


The online registration system found on the XXXIV SELL Games official homepage and will be ready for registrations at least 6 months before the games. The process is divided into 3 stages as follows:

STEP 1 School registration – deadline 18.02.2018

  • intention of participation of schools

STEP 2 Quantitative registration – deadline 18.03.2018

  • specification of the number of participants for each sport and accommodation wishes
  • invoice for 50% of the total cost after this stage

STEP 3 Individual registration – deadline 18.04.2018

  • personal details about each member of the delegation (name, photo, accommodation type etc.)
  • invoicing rest of the participation fees
  • adding a team after 18.04.18 – only in exceptional cases if agreed by the organizer


Registration before 18 April 2018
SELL countries – 30€ / person / day
non SELL countries – 40€ / person / day

Registration after 18 April 2018
SELL countries – 40€ / person / day
non SELL countries – 50€ / person / day

The entry fee includes:

  • participation in competitions
  • catering three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • entrance to all competitions, cultural activities and ceremonies

The entry fee does NOT include accommodation and travel expenses.

Extra sport fee:

If athlete wants to take part in several sports then for each extra sport the athlete must pay 10€ / per sport

Security Deposit

In accreditation each University representative has to pay up to 200 euro (depends on the size of the delegations) in cash security deposit. Security deposit will be returned after the games.


Floor lodging: (with own mattress and sleeping bags) – 5€ / person/night

Different accommodation options for SELL participants with prices (from 15€ / person / night) can be found on where you can choose and register your accommodation from 18 January 2018.


All protests regarding the process and execution of competitions or actions of competitors will be solved by the Head Referee in accordance with the laws of the international regulations of that sport event.

If the solution of the Head Referee is not satisfying the protest must be submitted in written form (with 50 euro caution money) within half an hour after the end of the competition or game, which caused the protest, in the corresponding sport’s secretariat. If protesting succeeds the caution money will be refunded. Later protests shall not be satisfied.

All protests regarding the results must be submitted during the day of the competition in the accreditation centre.

All questions and protests shall be answered and the final decision made by the Protest Committee consisting of the Head of the Games, the Head of  Sport, the Responsible of the Sport, the Head Referee, the Secretary General and the official representative of the Estonian Academic Sports Federation. The coaches/representatives of the teams in question are also obliged to present during the discussion process in addition to the Protest Committee.


All participants must be ready for doping control.


The participants must have the appropriate insurance to cover their travel and participation in competitions, as they are not the responsibility of the organizers. The organizers will insure the first aid at the competition venues for all the accredited persons.


Opening Ceremony shall include at least these elements:

  • Welcome speech of the organising country
  • March pass of the participating universities
  • Speech of the FISU/EUSA
  • Cultural program
  • Arrival of the SELL flag
  • Playing of the University Sports anthem (Gaudeamus)

Closing ceremony shall include at least these elements:

  • Closing speech of the organising country
  • Handing over the SELL flag to the next organiser
  • Presentation speech of the next SELL Games


All participants with their participation are informed and agree that audio, video and pictures taken during SELL Student Games with their face (body) can be published by organizers without participants’ personal signature or/and other agreement. If not –please contact OC


Phone:          +372 7 333 233


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